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Athens Bioclinic Hospital is a member of Biomedicine Group which is the largest private medical care provider in Greece. Biomed Group owns 26 fully automated primary care diagnostic laboratories and 3 hospitals in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki serving more than 2 million people every year.

The recently renovated Athens Bioclinic Hospital has attracted highly experienced doctors and a scientific staff that covers every specialty and subspecialty.

The hospital offers very high standard services for both day case as well as major surgeries. The patient meets a holistic approach based on the model of patient centered care and since 2014 the hospital has a separate department for the care of international patients. With quality as the guiding principle, Athens Bioclinic Hospital is certified with the internationally accepted ISO 9001:2008 and is also a European Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.

Thessaloniki Bioclinic Hospital is located at the heart of Thessaloniki for over 35 years. Since 2006, it has become a member of the BIOMEDICINE Group of Healthcare Companies, the largest Primary Healthcare provider in Greece.

The clinic is housed in an owned and fully renovated 13-floor building at the corner of Mitropoleos 86 and Morkentau str., in the Center of Thessaloniki, with a total surface of 5000 sq. m. and a capacity of 150 beds.

Operating according to the strict quality standards of ISO 9001:2008. Thessaloniki Bioclinic Hospital now covers a wide spectrum of medical needs. These include the operation of a 24-hour-active Emergency Department (ER) and a fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as well as the provision of modern diagnostic equipment (MRI, CT, etc) and medical modalities.

Thessaloniki Bioclinic Hospital also offers ground-breaking Departments such as Endoscopy, Invasive Radiology and innovative Surgical Departments such as Minimally Invasive Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Orthopedics, and also Internal Medicine, Cardiology etc. The very famous Maternity Ward is implementing innovative programs, cooperating, with over 200 obstetricians.

Finally, Thessaloniki Bioclinic Hospital medical and nursing staff are carefully selected clinicians in continuous training to keep up with advances in medical science and practice.

Within the complex and rapidly changing healthcare industry, Thessaloniki Bioclinic Hospital achieves a combination of modern high class medical services with a patient centric approach. The friendly approach of the medical personnel, the family like environment, the most update technological equipment and the highly trained medical professionals make Thessaloniki Bioclinic Hospital one of the best hospitals in Northern Greece.

Piraeus Bioclinic Ηospital entered the large family of the Biomed group on 2004, a clinic with a long history in Piraeus, which by an impressive reconstruction operation, was converted into a modern nursing unit.

The clinic is located in a short distance from the port of Piraeus and the suburban station/ train station, in the urban core of Piraeus and close to major highways.

Bioclinic Piraeus has a capacity of 60 beds and features (3) fully equipped operating rooms, and also (2) ambulances for immediate transfer of patients to and from to the clinic.

Both hotel and hospital infrastructure of high level is in accordance with the modern standards.

Based on the principles of “Total Quality Management (TQM)” Bioclinic Piraeus now covers a wide spectrum of medical needs with the support of a recently installed imaging and laboratory equipment as well as with the carefully selected, distinguished and experienced medical staff.

Bioclinic Piraeus is ready to welcome safely all cases, ensuring a high level of care thanks to modern endoscopy parts, refurbished surgeries and surgical departments of all specialties.

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