Medical emergency on holidays in Greece

Having a medical emergency or accident during your vacation can cause a very unpleasant and stressful situation considering the fact that you are on a foreign territory with very limited and in some cases nonexistent knowledge of the local health care system and the local health care providers.

Before traveling 

EU citizen

Free-european-health-insurance-cardIf you are an EU citizen who is planning to visit Greece, it is wise to apply for the European Health Insurance Card which is issued free of charge by your home country and is valid in all European Economic Area countries, as well as Switzerland.

If you fall ill and you are in need for any kind of emergency care, this card makes it possible for you to have all the costs of the received treatment reimbursed by your home country. It’s also advisable to sign a travel insurance before your trip to Greece. In this way, your travel insurance along with your EHIC card, offers you a complete coverage in case of a medical emergency while traveling.

Outside the EU

If you are a traveler from a country outside the EU and you have a medical emergency situation during your vacation in Greece, your private or family medical insurance, travel insurance or extended home insurance will cover all the expenses for the provided medical care.

CrossBorderMedCare guarantees that your treatment will maintain its very high standards and you will receive medical care of great quality by our experienced medical personnel.

CrossBorderMedCare guarantees that your treatment will maintain its very high standards and you will receive medical care of great quality by our experienced primary healthcare and secondary healthcare doctors.

In case of a Medical Emergency

CrossBorderMedCare is a medical provider that offers patient-centered healthcare services to international travelers in Greece. Our services keep very high standards matching the medical needs of foreign citizens which are very demanding.

The structure of CrossBorderMedCare consists of services that provide the total medical assistance to a foreign individual.

Our company has developed a network of primary healthcare professionals which is based in the big cities of Greece and in all destinations of touristic interest. Our network is present in 58 destinations and is continuously expanding.

The doctors belonging to the health network of CrossBorderMedCare are very experienced in dealing with medical emergency cases and our specialties cover the whole range of urgent care, from cases that require immediate first aid at the place of the incident to complicated cases that require ambulance transportation and hospitalization, offering in such a way a complete service of medical assistance.

Our doctors are multilingual, bypassing thus the communication barrier which is the largest stress factor for travelers in case of emergency care.

Our network includes specialized pediatricians covering the pediatric emergency.

The secondary care in case of inpatient treatment is provided by our highly specialized doctors of 15 different specialties in collaboration with Biomed Group and Bioclinic Hospitals.

We collaborate with all insurance companies worldwide and we are proud to have successfully treated many difficult cases, providing highly qualified and cost balanced services.

We take care of all the administrative details with the insurance companies and your national health care provider at your home country.

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