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CrossBorderMedCare serves as the International Patient Center (IPC) of BIOMEDICINE Healthcare Group of Companies and offers patient centered healthcare services of very high quality to :

• Travelers visiting Greece

• Foreign individuals living or working in Greece (Expatriates)

• International Patients choosing Greece as their medical or dental destination

• Assistance and Insurance companies worldwide

Our Services

CrossBorderMedCare undertakes the safe transport, treatment and rehabilitation of international patients by offering oriented medical services either for patients visiting Greece for recieving planned medical care, or for the management of medical emergency cases.

Each patient is served by a patient coordinator, who is experienced and skilled in providing medical assistance and is under the constant guidance of the responsible physician.

The inpatient cases are channeled into one of the three clinics of BIOMEDICINE Group in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, all the other cases are served either at the emergency department of the clinics or at the diagnostic centers of BIOMEDICINE Healthcare Group of Companies.

The network of collaborating Doctors

CrossBorderMedCare has created a network of collaborating doctors of all specialties. The selection of the doctors has been based on their experience in various healthcare systems abroad. They are multilingual so they can communicate smoothly with the patient, bypassing thus the communication barrier which is the major factor of anxiety for the international patients.

We care

When hospitals mention quality, they refer to specific clinical data, measurements and outcomes.

When patients refer to quality, they talk about their experience – their communication with the doctor, the nurse’s response time, a clean room, good food etc.

We at CrossBorderMedCare are looking at every aspect of how care is delivered and if the patients’ needs and values are met. For us, it is about giving patients the appropriate care, at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way for them.

Why CrossBorderMedCare

We keep high quality standards in every step of our procedure.

Certified doctors
Our doctors are very experienced, trained overseas and multilingual.

Patient centered care
We provide treatments tailor-made for your needs.

Best Collaboration
Bioclinic hospitals have been recently renovated and are modernly equipped.

24/7 services
Our services are available 24/7 all year round

Multilingual staff
You can feel comfortable in your communication with us, as our staff is multilingual.

Administrative work
We take care of all the administrative work with the insurance companies and your national health care provider at your home country.

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